Reservation: A non-refundable deposit of TT$1000 must be made to secure your booking date. The deposit will become non-transferable to another date if changes are requested less than one (1) month / thirty (30) days prior to your reservation date.

Note: If more than one client is interested in a particular date, we inform all interested parties of such. The reservation date will be given to the party who makes the deposit first.

Paid in Full: Cancellations will be accepted once notification is given at least 48 hours in advance of the charter date. You will be refunded less the reservation payment stated above. Failing to give this 48-hour notice, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

If the weather is deemed dangerous or unfit for sailing by the captain, the cruise may be cancelled with no penalty applied. Failing that, there is sufficient cover on the yacht in the case of rain.

Please see our FAQs section for more information.


You are requested to arrive 30mins in advance before your scheduled/pre-arranged trip.
E.g. Your trip is booked for 10 am – 5 pm. You must arrive no later than 9.30am at the marina.


Any items left on the islands or may fall or blow into in the water cannot be retrieved.
E.g. Sunglasses or Hats falling into the water.

We also ask that you ensure you take your belongings with you when leaving.


Shoes are allowed on the deck but are not allowed inside the cabin

No extremely wet clothing allowed inside the cabin. We ask that you use a towel to dry off, as the cabin flooring is carpet.

A stove and microwave oven are located in the cabin and can be used to WARM food only. Cooking on board allowed on the on the BBQ grill or outside stove (which must be requested in advance)

Although cardboard boxes are convenient to carry your cooked food in pots or containers, they are also a source of insects infestation, which is extremely difficult to control on a yacht. As such, boxes are not allowed on board.

Secure your food items on board while the yacht is in motion.

No flushing of items down the toilet. E.g. no personal feminine hygiene products.
Use the bins provided.

When we return, please tidy up the cabin area before you leave.