Head Captain: Imran Baksh

My life on the water started at a very young age. I use to go on fishing trips with my dad and uncle and later started booking fishing trips with my friends. A few years ago, I traveled to Miami with my girlfriend and I basically lived in Bass Pro the entire trip, from rods and reels to checking out boats and engines. It never left my mind. I wanted to own a boat one day; live life enjoying the sea.

Then, exactly one year later, Keeping It Reel happened and I've never looked back.

The most pleasurable part is showing people amazing places they've never experienced before, the inland or under the water, and to observe how they enjoy their time at sea.

I take pride in my ability to connect with all kinds of people and do everything I can to make them feel comfortable while on board with us. It's my utmost pleasure to be positive and kind with guests and to create a nice atmosphere on board. I personally enjoy being a reassuring leader whom people trust on board to conduct all kinds of activities.

It can sometimes be challenging to please everyone and to be lucky with the weather, however ensuring entertainment, comfort, and safety through teamwork are key within the crew for success and more importantly for the enjoyment of our guests.

It’s difficult to describe a typical day as no matter how long a trip is, the hours just seem to merge into one! A day may consist of waking up early, trying to mind read and pre-empt the needs of our guests. My team works hard to provide what is required to the best of their ability. For the crew, it can be maintenance and safety checks or a vicious circle of relentless cleaning and detailing.

I always have the final destination in the back of my mind, making sure the guests have a smooth and safe journey back to the mainland.  I am incredibly proud of all the crew and know that I can sit back at the end of the day and be confident that they’re all doing everything they can to make sure that the Keeping It Reel is looked after, and is well protected.